What am I showcasing?

Today’s devotion was originally printed in The Upper Room.


I have a terrace garden with a lot of potted plants. Each plant blooms in its own season. We all like to see beautiful things, so we showcase the best of what we have. I am always moving my plants around so that those with blooming flowers are visible. Those with no flowers are kept aside, though not discarded because God has a season for everything to be beautiful.

The seasons of our lives often bring their own kind of dormancy — situations and circumstances that are not very pretty. What do we do then? When we pass through such difficult times, what do we showcase? Is it our difficulties, or the strength of the Lord backing us up? Jesus promises in scripture never to leave or forsake us.

Our perspective matters. Focusing on the security God offers rather than our struggle brings beauty to an otherwise ugly situation. While we will sometimes falter as we seek God’s strength, it’s not about losing strength; it’s about trusting that God has the power to revive us — again and again. Let’s showcase the strength of God’s Spirit so that the Spirit is able to bring renewed life in and through us.

- Deepika Emmanuel Sagar (Rajasthan, India)

Today’s Prayer
Dear Lord, give us your strength so that we remain grounded in you. Live in us so that we can show your beauty and love to the world. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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