Some documents you may find useful

  • Our weekly e-news entitled  "Tidings" will give you the most current information coming from the leaders and program areas of our church.
  • The monthly "Our Friendly Visitor" is the place to look for the most in-depth and on going information for our church and church activities.
  • Our Order of Worship for the weekly Traditional Worship Service  is complete with all you need to participate in worship online.
  • Forms you may need can also be found on this page.  If you don't see what you need, please contact us!

Our friendly visitor

This week's worship bulLEtIn

Scholarship Applications

Yearly Scholarship applications are due in August for the following  school year.

Check Requisition Form 

If you have made pre-approved purchases against a line-item in our budget and need to be reimbursed, this is the form for you.

Prayer Shawl Request Form 

If you know of someone in need of a prayer  shawl or prayer blanket from our Faithful Fingers ministry, fill out this request.