The Walk to Emmaus

Hello, friends!

This week in worship we will be talking about Jesus' post-resurrection appearance on the walk to Emmaus.  It is a moment when Jesus appears to two of his grieving followers.  He walked all the way to Emmaus with them.  He entered the town with them.  He even entered the home with them and sat down for a meal with them.  All this time, they didn't recognize that it was Jesus walking with them.  They didn't recognize him until he broke bread with them.  As we receive communion together this week, let's remember to open our eyes to the real presence of Christ both in the sacrament, and in our daily lives.  

Have you ever been on a walk to your own Emmaus; so blinded by grief and sadness that you couldn't see the presence of Christ right there with you?  

There is a spiritual retreat right here in New Jersey called the Walk to Emmaus.  Over the course of three days, Christians learn together, worship together, fellowship together and pray together.  It is a way to meet Jesus as you walk the road of spiritual renewal.  Even after the three day retreat is over, small groups continue to keep people connected and supported.  There's even a retreat for teenagers called Chrysalis.  

I thought taking a look at this experience in South Seaville, NJ would be a great way to prepare for this Sunday's worship.  Here is the website for more information!

Reverend Dave

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